Monday, 27 February 2012


Two days ago, i felt a sudden loss in acceleration in my Volvo Xc-90 car. Thinking it was something to do with the accelerator diaphragm, i took it to the Volvo service centre. I got an estimate for 2500 dirhams and i murmured inwardly that i was already burdened with expenses but then agreed to go ahead with the repairs.

Today i get a call from Volvo telling me that the road test showed that the problems had still not gone and that the whole transmission has to be replaced! Not just that but it would cost me 23000 dirhams!!!
Yesterday i murmured about having to pay 2500 dirhams, today my heart sank hearing this news!

I've placed this case before my Lord expecting a good outcome (HE has always been a FAITHFUL God and i know that only good will come out of this!)

I thought I'd share this with you ... have you ever experienced such tests in your life too? Has your peace been threatened too? Please share it with me :-)

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