Wednesday, 15 February 2012


So Valentines Day has come and gone ... At lunch today, a few of us who always share a meal discussed our Valentines Day stories. It turned out that almost all had either received or presented their spouses electronic gifts like ipads, phone's and Macbooks. I received a 'meaningful' card with which i am well pleased. i bought my wife a single rose and a small mini-component music system which we can both enjoy (Spiritual talks, Gospel songs etc)

Gone are those days when it was the 'thought that mattered'! Today, the expectations are very high (Diamond jewellery, branded watches etc. over and above the expensive dinner!). Lorine and i spent the evening with family pulling each others' legs and laughing to our hearts content. We prayed and thanked God for the innumerable blessings we had received over the years. Together, we recollected the moments when God, faithful as he is to His Word, had come to our rescue in difficult times.

Valentines has lost its true meaning due to the bombardment by ads on TV and radio commercials. Parents are under a lot of pressure when their young daughters insist on going out with their Valentines. I know of a case wherein a girl belonging to a devout Christian family realised that their daughter was pregnant (thanks to the 'license' of Valentines Day). Of course the parents will be held responsible by family for allowing their daughter to go on the date however, parents who've got grown up daughters know just how difficult it is to get them to listen! Daughters are even willing to move out of the home over such arguments (... and i know of such cases too!).

Yes it is a difficult world we live in. We are all under the pressure of evil and many of us succumb to it. All i can say is what the bible says: 'Resist the devil and he will flee from you'. Let us 'soak' ourselves in the Word and He will surely make our way 'prosperous'!

With the Word in your heart, each moment of the day will have its own value:

Morning will bring HOPE,
Afternoon will bring FAITH
Evening will bring LOVE,
Night will bring REST,

Hope you will have all of them everyday!

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