Thursday, 16 February 2012


It is important that we believe in ourselves and that we are meant for greatness, and that our life can be used to make a great difference in this world. We must believe in ourselves because if we don't believe in ourselves then why should anyone else believe in us. When we make up our minds and be determined that our life is important and can be used to benefit humanity that is when a positive change will begin to take place. When we agree with God and allow His perfect WILL to take place in our life, that is when miracles will begin to happen for us.

When times of discouragement come our way, we simply must remind ourselves that God does not create anything without a plan and purpose behind it.  As long as we are alive on this Earth, then our story isn't finished yet.  The fulfillment of our life hasn't reached its potential. Our life's work hasn't been fulfilled or accomplished.  A new thing is always ahead of us.  We simply must believe in ourselves and make ourselves available to reach those goals, desires and dreams that are waiting to be achieved and accomplished.  It's okay to have a pity party for a short time, but we can't stay there. We can't allow our life to pass us by letting our dreams perish. The saddest thing in life is unfulfilled dreams. There are so many people who die with their dream still inside of them. They didn't believe they were meant for greatness and they took their gifts, talents and dreams with them to their graves.  Let's not let that happen to us.  Let us not have any regrets in life.  The things that we know we can do, we should not postpone for another day.  Tomorrow is not promised to us, but we do have today to start on the journey to fulfill our life's purpose. 

Believe in yourself again and know that with God by your side all things are possible. Don't listen to the negative reports or those who choose to doubt your ability.  Always remember that you and God are a majority.  You don't need everyone in your corner; you just need the right One in your corner. When you do believe, that is when miracles take place. I hope this message inspires and challenges your heart to see that you have great potential in life.  No matter where you've been, you can begin again and reach the heights of victory that were once so evident in your heart.

(NOTE: The above has been 'pieced' out of an article on the internet, that touched my heart!)

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