Friday, 3 February 2012


The language of Love has never failed me! Everytime one shows compassion towards someone and does something to alleviate someone's suffering, even though you've not expected anything from it, you've been blest abundantly (... and you just know it when it happens ... strangely you will be reminded why you're being blest!). It could be the same day, after a week or after months ... what you sow WILL come to you as a harvest! ... HAS IT NOT HAPPENED TO YOU?

But then ... i've seen some who never sow and yet hope to reap :-) It is sad that many who are blest with a lot are too busy adding to their 'lot'! I used to be like that. It was when i got out of 'religiousity' and started to practice LOVE that i began to feel 'ALIVE' and 'ACTIVE'.

If you say you are a Christian, let your LOVE show it!
Just wearing the Indian Team's jersey does not mean you play for India!!!

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