Friday, 24 February 2012


Funny how things turn out! Yesterday i stated that Lorine and i were going to church for the World Marriage Day service at church. I was to go directly from office to church and Lorine was to join me there. It so happened that a visiting priest from Kuwait dropped in at home and Lorine never made it to church! There i was alone and melancholy ... missing her at the renewal of vows!
After mass, at the cake and coffee stall (organised by the Family Ministry), i met someone who had just become a catechist and therefore had stopped attending the meetings held 'outside' the church. He made an interesting statement about the 'fig tree' (Matt 21 and Mark 11 speak about the cursing of the fig tree by Jesus and the withering of the tree thereafter). He observed that Jesus had cursed the fig tree because the leaves on the tree deceived Him into believing that there was fruit on the tree.

He observed that many of us are like that: Good Christians from the 'outside' but bearing no 'fruit' of the Spirit.

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