Wednesday, 30 July 2014


As i boarded the EK0262 to Dubai at Garulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo, i was filled with sadness at the thought of leaving behind so many wonderful firends i'd made over just 8 days stay in Brazil!

God had blessed me so much ever since the beginning of the trip which began on the 21st of Jul 2014. Pastor 'D', the founding pastor from Grace Covenant Church, Dubai had received an invitation from Dr. Leandro and Apostle Miguel to preach at ICAPA (Igrja Cristao de Apostolica e prophetica em Alphaville) and then attend the AHONEP conference in Rio Janeiro. Being 80% blind, Pastor 'D' needed a companion for the trip. Being conversant in Portuguese, i was requested and i immediately agreed to accompany him. It was also an all expenses paid trip and that made it even easier for me to accept :-)

At the ADHONEP conference in Rio De Janeiro with Pastor David, Dr. Leandro and Ghaiton
I had no idea that God Himself had predestined this trip for me as i learnt day by day that He was speaking to me personally through all the beautiful messages which were being preached by the anointed preachers over there.

We landed at 4.30pm after a 15 hour flight from Dubai. Dr. Leandro and Apostle Miguel were there to receive us at the airport. Before leaving for Alphaville, we were introduced to 'Pao de Queijo' and Brazilian coffee at the airport. When we reached Ap. Miguel's villa in Alphaville, i was pleasantly surprised at how different the place was from all the feedback i had received from people who had been to Sao Paulo before! Of course, they had not been to South America's richest and most expensive developments. The various gated communities there are absolutely beautiful in their layout and Architecture! Pastor 'D' and occupied one of the 4 bedrooms in the villa, overlooking the swimming pool and green hills.

Besides much feasting on delicious Brazilian food cooked by our gracious host Apostola Nancy, our spirits also received wonderful nutrition. Pastor 'D' preached the opening day sermon on the 23rd of Jul, 2014. It was titled 'Revival'. He took us from the first Christian Revival that started with Peter's sermon in Jerusalem which got 3000 souls in the kingdom, to the more recent revivals like the 'Toronto Blessing'. He ended up by requesting the church to dance like David did in the Old Testament. Even the usual 'dignified' crowd started dancing. How lovely it was to see the whole church jumping and praising God!

On the 24th, we flew to Rio where we attended the Adhonep conference at the HSBC Arena. Over 3000 people attended the 3 day conference. There were beautiful testimonies and sermons preached on all 3 days. Many well-known worhip leaders from Brazil, like Fernandinho as well as international preachers like Morris Cyrillo preached at the convention. God answered ALL my questions through the testimonies and sermons in Rio.

Prophetic Sketch
Apostle Sydney Stair
On the 27th, we were invited to Dr. Leandro and Daniella's ordinations as Pastor and Pastora in ICAPA. Prophetess Ydsia and Apostle Sydney Stair preached that day. God did something amazing that day ... Ap. Sydney had seen me at work doing caricatures at the lunch table that day. So he asked me to do a prophetic sketch whilst he preached his sermon that evening. He preached in Spanish and believe me, i did not concentrate on what he was saying as i sketched the vision God gave me. At the end, it turned out that i had 'connected with him in the spirit' because what i drew, was the exact message he preached that day (Resurrection!...See attached sketch).

I returned to Dubai last night from Brazil after a very blessed trip. I am jet lagged as i write this and so i made it short. I hope to post a video link some time soon.

Be blest!