Saturday, 18 February 2012


I decided to attend the Holy Spirit Interactive meeting last Wednesday too. As i was about to leave the office, i received a call from my boss who requested me to stay back to attend a late meeting in the office. Although i yearned to go for the meeting i now knew that i may not reach there in time after all! I just blessed my boss and attended the meeting. When the meeting ended, i looked at my watch and i thought of the traffic and decided to go no matter what. On other Wednesdays, it would take me 30 minutes to 45 minutes to get there. As i was driving, i was thinking of how great it was to enjoy God's favour upon my life. I began to thank the Lord for all that he had done in my life all the way to Jebel Ali. I didn't even realise that the road was wide open and i had covered the distance in only 20 minutes! Also, the meeting had not commenced as if God wanted me to reach there first!
Bro. Aneel preached on Daniel 6 onwards. 'Daniel and the Lions' is a well known story from our childhood days but i never knew it had such deep lessons to learn from it! To make it short, Bro. Aneel stressed upon the 4 P's in that story namely, PURPOSE, PRINCIPLE, PURITY and PRAYER. Daniel was a righteous man and just like Joseph in Genesis, the Lord's favour was upon him. Although he was a captive of the Persian ruler, his sound character did not go unnoticed and God's purpose was fulfilled in him becoming one of the governors of the King. Daniel held on to his principles even in the face of death as the others framed him for praying to his God. The king is forced to throw Daniel in the lions' den. Again, his right standing with God saved his life with an angel restraining the lions. Even the King prayed for Daniel to be saved and was the first to go down to the lion's pit to see if his friend was still alive. Daniel was indeed alive and the king prospered him greatly!
Therefore, discover you PURPOSE, never compromise you PRINCIPLES and seek to be PURE (blameless) in the eyes of God. PRAY always. Never lean on your own understanding.

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