Sunday, 12 February 2012


Perhaps the most used word in the English vocabulary is love. Almost every other song is written with love as its main theme. As i walked to my office building after parking my car a few hundred meters away (to avoid the parking fee!), i was reminded of my conversation with a passer-by who stopped to enquire about my XC-90 Volvo's performance.It happened yesterday, at about 1.30pm when i was cleaning the boot of my car. This person greeted me and said he was considering buying a new car and wanted my opinion on the Volvo since i owned one.

The conversation shifted over to another topic when my Hindu 'friend' noticed the fat volume of 'Foundations For Live' by Derek Prince, in the car. This gave me the opportunity to share about my life as a NEW CHRISTIAN (I told him truthfully that i was a 'follower' of Christ for the last 3.5 years only ... although born into a Christian family).

He told me about what he believed: That every one born into this world comes with 'baggage' from a past life. He has to have 'Good Karma' to earn his salvation and then only then can he stop being re-born. He said he was afraid of coming back into this world as some creature to earn his salvation.

I asked the Holy Spirit to speak words of Life to my new friend. I told him about the unique spirit that God instills in us at the moment of conception. How we are then brought into the knowledge of Christ by our parents and elders. About Christ, whose coming has been prophesied not only in the old testament books written over thousands of years but also fulfilled by only one man in the person of Jesus. I quoted John 3:16 -"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life". I told him how beautiful it was to have a personal relationship with Jesus. For a Christian there is one life at the end of which he/she can look forward to that eternal life with God. I explained that everyone in this world who did not know the Good News was living under GRACE. Once the 'Good News' was given, one should chose not to continue to depend upon this grace but to deepen their faith by 'hearing and hearing by the Word of God'.

He was very amazed to know about the various words in the Greek language for LOVE whilst in English the word was the same for 'erotic love', 'familial love', and 'sacrificial love'.

My friend went away wanting to know more about AGAPE LOVE (A Love that is willing to die for another) and i left him with St. John's Gospel to vet his appetite!

God bless him mightily and may he hunger for the truth that will set him free!

It was 3.30pm when we said our goodbyes and we were not even feeling hungry!!!

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