Sunday, 26 February 2012


Yesterday, I was in Abu Dhabi attending a thanksgiving service for the success of the recently held Don Moen concert organized by VOICE INTL. For those of you who’ve attended this year’s concert will agree that it was an awesome ‘worship’ evening with Benny Prasad’s touching testimony, Don’s moving gospel renditions and Lenny Leblanc’s ethereal music and song.
All of us usually remember the concert and do not hear of the ‘hand of God’ in organizing such events (nor of the testimonies after the event!). During the meeting yesterday, we heard a few of those difficult times that VOICE overcame through the dependence on God, and the testimonies that followed.
I will share with you just two testimonies in order to keep the article short:
A Hindu girl had heard about the Don Moen concert of last year from another Christian colleague. She had a desire to attend his concert but was not sure how. When this year’s concert was announced, she claimed it as God’s answer to her prayers and attended it. During the worship, she surrendered her heart to Jesus and later realized that she had been miraculously healed of the long term illness she was suffering from!
Another testimony was in the selection of a venue and the budget. Firstly, VOICE did not know how many people would attend this year’s repeat concert. They prayed for God’s guidance and looked at many venues. They were running out of time in booking a venue. They knew that to break even on costs they needed an attendance of over 7,300 fully paid tickets (not counting the free passes to sponsors etc.). Of all places, God led them to the ARMY OFFICER’s CLUB to do a Gospel Concert! Even the staff of the place were amazed that a concert like this took place there! And guess what … Until a few days before the event; only 4000 odd tickets were sold. VOICE maintained their FAITH in an ever faithful God and ultimately, the total turnout on that day was over 7,600!
God truly looks at the heart! VOICE has a heart for UNITY amongst all churches when it comes to stand FOR CHRIST. Music is one medium that has no barriers and helps in their mission.
So … let us GUARD OUR HEARTS and experience GOD’S HAND in everything we do!

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