Friday, 3 February 2012


Some of you may be aware that i am open to worship in any church (... so long as Christ is 'celebrated...). Today, i was in the company of my 'non-catholic' brothers and sisters, practising some gospel songs. I was quite amused when the person who led us into prayer made a prayer for those who were 'still not saved' and made several mentions about those in the Catholic church! (... and interestingly enough i was the lone catholic there!)

Recently, a muslim colleague requested me to explain the difference between 'Catholics' and 'Protestants'. That was pretty simple to do but i struggled with his next question (which was kind of expected!) - "If that is so, there should have been only two types of Christians in the world, but why are there so many Christian denominations?"

When i went to the States last year, i was amazed to see the number of church signs advertising the various other 'Christian Denominations' each professing their own 'Doctrine'! Even in Dubai, there are over 200 'churches' registered with Trinity Church (Anglican), each professing their own doctrine.

As for me, i've dealt with this 'church politics' long ago by vowing to rise above all this confusion by making a firm decision to be a DOER OF THE WORD. Whilst i have my frustrating moments with my own church, i'm aware that many other preachers are STANDING INSIDE ST. PETER'S NET AND FISHING!
I believe there are many who DON'T even know CHRIST who need to be given the GOOD NEWS of the gospel. Let us not judge WHO within which church is 'saved or not saved'. Ultimately, God only looks at your heart!

If you are a new follower of Christ, stay away from anything that detracts you from the LOVE OF CHRIST! Stay away from CHURCH POLITICS ... believe me, it leads nowhere!


  1. let’s not forget that denominations are made up of churches and churches are made of people; and sometimes people just don’t get along. After all, just because people are Christians doesn’t mean they always agree. Moreover, Christians still struggle with pride,selfishness, and stubbornness, and this means they sometimes respond to relational conflict poorly.This has often led to debates and divisions within churches and denominations, which in turn leads
    to the creation of new churches and denominations. It’s an unfortunate situation, but a reality.

    Christians exist is differences in personality,
    passions, and talents. Some people are more inclined to worship God through the exercise of their minds, analytical thinking and biblical knowledge.

    Certain types of people appreciate the
    structure and heritage of worshiping God according to traditions passed down over generations,Some people, however, prefer to explore fresh, innovative ways of growing in their relationship with God and often feel boxed in by long-standing rituals or traditions.

    Regardless of their particular church, denomination, culture, or geographical location. Christians believe in God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), that all humans are sinful and in need of grace,and that only Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to have a relationship with God through his death and resurrection.

    Christians also believe that the Bible most clearly reveals who God is, how we can have a relationship with him, and how we can extend God’s love to other people.God’s story is bigger than our differences, and if we continue to seek him according to the longing and desires ( and not limit ourselves)that he has given us, we can all begin to find our places in his grand story.

    Love ya - Luis

  2. There are LEADERS and there are FOLLOWERS. Shepherding a flock always has its dangers.Some sheep stray and fall into grave trouble. Sometimes even the shepherd is not able to save them!(Sometiimes the shepherd himself falls prey to the attacks)

    LEADERS/TEACHERS are more accountable before the Lord in how they lead God's people but i'm concerned about many who apparently HEAR from the Lord ... and if you compare between two leaders who've HEARD from the Lord, you may be horrified to know that the messages have been totally incredible ! (There's a friend who does not use soap on his body because his pastor has said it is 'unbiblical'! ... ????).
    As for me,i've attended many services all over the world (Whether Catholic or Protestant or ....). In Catholicism, there is a leader who will put up his hand and beg forgiveness if His priests have done wrong.
    Whatever happened to the handing down of leadership from apostles to the ones they annointed to succeed them?( And the continuance of the same tradition?) About this point, we need to study the chronicles of the Catholic and Orthodox churches. After all my 'wanderings' in and out of other 'churches', i've decided that with all it's faults and weaknesses, the Catholic Church IS THE MOTHER SHIP i'd like to stay on and grow in the knowledge of Christ and strive to be like Him. However, i will always be open to worshipping in whichever church which celebrates Christ!


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