Sunday, 28 October 2012


This Eidh holidays were spent chilling out at home!The evenings were reserved for long drives and exotic food. This morning however, was very different for me. Whilst the family relaxed at home, i attended a Worship Workshop with Steve and Velveta Thompson from Beracah Music, UK.

I only realised later in the day how blessed i would be during this workshop! It had been a year and a half since i played my flute or my saxophone. Every time i played the blowing instruments (EVEN FOR 5 MINUTES!), i would get a painful pull in my left side and the fear of aggravating the condition made me lay down the instruments to this day!

I had dedicated my flute and sax to the Lord about three and a half years back. I suddenly realised today that this pain was surely not from God. I had to believe in a healing! I took a step of faith today and i took the instruments with me when VOICE, the organisers of the workshop requested me to bring them along. I had mentioned the problem to Steve during the lunch break about the pain in my side and he said that before the day would end, the Lord would provide the answer!

I quite forgot all about our conversation this afternoon but the Lord had not! Suddenly, during the seminar, Steve stopped talking on his topic and asked me to play the flute for the Lord! I was not expecting this at all! But i believed it was the Lord who was doing this and i obliged. As i was playing, he asked, " How can a worshipper worship when he cannot play his instruments?"  He asked everyone to stretch out their hands towards me. After the prayer, he asked others who were believing for a healing and asked me to play flute over each one of them! It was such a surreal experience! Many were in tears (including I) when the presence of God was strongly evident in the place! I did not realise that i had played a good half hour without the pain and later, i even played the sax for another half hour!

I was overjoyed that God had healed me after all!

What i realised today was that unless one had the 'revelation of God FOR HIMSELF', there was no way he/she could worship! As a worship team member, you cannot take the church into the 'presence of God' unless you yourself have been there first! One of the greatest preachers of our day, Bishop T.D.Jakes has said," The best sermon i can leave behind for my children is my life!" You can only 'lead someone by example'! Just like every instrument needs to be tuned so must the strings of our hearts be tuned to listen to the 'voice of God'. After all, worship is a response to that voice! Isn't it?

You can only work out what you've worked in your 'quiet time' with the Lord!

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