Monday, 29 October 2012


I was getting ready to go to work this morning when I heard Joel Osteen’s voice coming from my bedroom. I was surprised to see Lorine listening to him speak about how much unnecessary ‘trash’ we carry with us in our minds! The few words I heard of his message set me thinking on my way to work.
When we’re told by the doctor that our lipid profile is not looking good, we at once go on a diet, fearing the consequences. We cut out all the ‘bad-ies’ from our food – the oil, sugars,fizzies etc. which can cause damage to our bodies however, we snap into action only when we’re given a bad report!
During the work days, a few of us go downstairs for lunch and share a meal together. Yesterday, one of my colleagues did not want to share in our meal and preferred to order only the greens! We tried every possible way to get him to eat what we were eating but he was stuck to his decision saying he was on diet!
Isn’t it amazing how we’re quick to ‘detox’ our bodies when the doctors give us a bad report? It is equally amazing how focused we’re on staying the course! We go on the Internet and conduct a whole research about which foods are bad for us and even plan our meals carefully. The irony of it all is that whilst we’re so focused on detoxing our bodies, which will only go to the maggots, we do nothing about detoxing our minds which is absolutely required to keep us Spiritually  healthy!
How wonderful it would be to abstain from all those things that pile our minds with garbage! What is that garbage? Jealousy, envy, pride, avarice, negative thoughts, thoughts of vengeance, gluttony etc. etc. I strongly believe that all this trash that we carry around is the actual problem for many of our physical illnesses. In prayer meetings, the Man of God may lead you into forgiving someone who you've resisted forgiving for a long time and bang! ... you are healed of a physical ailment that very moment!
Inner Healing through ‘obedience’ to the Word of God cleanses one of all such trash gathered over the years and is a sure cure for many of the illnesses that we carry in our bodies!
Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.- Psalm 119:9

It is not a matter of cleansing from sin which has already been committed BUT RATHER, a matter of keeping clean in the midst of a society that tends toward defilement!

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