Friday, 19 October 2012


I watched the movie 'English Vinglish' twice! Lorine was in China when i accompanied the children (who don't understand Hindi BTW!). As is the usual, i got dragged to the theatre as Lorine needed my company. I was inspired to take a writing pad with me to write whatever thoughts i wanted to share with you of the experience.

Firstly, i saw a lot more detail than the first time around. I was surprised at just what I'd missed during the first show! (This is exactly what happens to me when i read passages from the Bible again. Every repeat has a new revelation waiting for me!).

The story was a simple one. But the message was pretty big for husbands, wives and children. There were messages for others too but then I'd have to write lots!

I liked the role Sridevi played in the movie. A mother and wife who has been pitiably taken for granted! No one respects her but yet, like a dutiful Indian housewife, goes about her responsibilities with love and patience - very virtuous indeed! Many of us parents will easily identify ourselves with her, specially when our teenage wards have an omniscient attitude towards us.

It's all very well for teenagers to think - 'Don't teach me to suck eggs mom ..." when the truth is the very act of sucking kept them fed and alive in their infancy! If your mother does not meet your expectations about her English or her looks, it does not mean she was any less a parent!

I love the line in the movie, " I DON'T NEED LOVE BUT JUST A LITTLE RESPECT" when Shaashi (Sridevi) is confronted by her niece about she being with her french colleague in the English class. Many a times when some woman in the office shares her feelings with a man, often times he mistakes her as needing love, when actually, she only needs a listening, caring ear. Too many marriages have been destroyed when upright men and women have fallen prey to such situations.

Getting ones priorities right in life is key! If you hate yourself, you will hate everything and everyone around you. If you learn to love yourself, you will see the good in everything around you and life will be a whole lot different! In the movie, Laurent, the Frenchman helps Shaashi find herself. When she does find herself, she is a transformed person!

Now that I've rambled on about the movie, go give yourselves an examination - Like in the movie, David (the English teacher) says, " Exams give you the joy of telling yourself you have done it!"


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