Monday, 15 October 2012


I just had to share this letter with you friends! It gives so much incite into the sheer joy that Men and Women of God experience when they live a spirit-filled life! The following is a letter from a dear friend of mine and now Cosme's (My bro). There are parts of the letter which had to be removed since i didn't want to disclose the identity of the person however, i did take his permission to blog it!I've also taken the liberty to highlight some sentences which i thought wwere important.

"I celebrated my 70th birthday in September, and by God's grace am very fit, apart from my vision, which was impaired through medical malpractice. I jog and swim regularly, and I think Joe will agree that I look younger than 70 : ) I was a 24 carat sinner in the first 47 years of my life, tasting everything that the world and the flesh had to offer. Although born into the Church of England, and having my first encounter with the Lord at age 12 (although I didn't really know what was happening at the time!), I became an atheist and a Marxist from age 14 to 21. I started studying Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, and every known kind of meditation from 21 onwards. I have travelled in the jungles and climbed mountains to sit at the feet of sadhus to receive darshan. My gurus and friends were astrologers, fortune-tellers and witch doctors. Then at the age of 47, the Lord drew me into His kingdom through a series of miracles. I fell in love with the Bible, and have read it completely at least 30 times. Soon after getting saved, the Lord sent specialists in the Deliverance Ministry into my life. Having allowed me to see how the enemy exercises power, now the Lord called me to set people free from demonic oppression, starting with myself! By His grace, more than 300 suffering captives of Satan have been set free over the past 20 years, and thousands of demons cast out. About 15 notorious homosexuals have become normal, many are now married and have kids, at least 2 are pastors. About 20 barren couples, who had been married from 7-9 years without children, have had babies within 10 months of prayer. One 22 year old sister had a brain tumour and was given 3-6 months to live. After deliverance, the doctors couldn't find the tumour! She is now healthy and flourishing 3 years later. Myomas have similarly disappeared, diabetes and hepatitis instantly healed. I could go on..... I am planning a book on the Biblical Deliverance Ministry as practised by Jesus and my case studies, some of the experiences being as dramatic as in the movie 'The Exorcist.' This book is in my writing pipeline for 2014.

From the age of 12, I was always interested in being both a writer and a public speaker. I thought I would get into revolutionary politics. But I suppose that is, in a way, what I am now doing in fighting to establish the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven! God's ways are amazing beyond comprehension! I graduated with an English Honours Degree from the University of London as an external student of an excellent Catholic institution called 'Aquinas University College. For 2 years I then lectured at Aquinas preparing students for London University Degree and A Level courses from 1963-4, before getting into the world of business as a marketing executive working for multi-national companies. I retired from the business world, after the Asian Tsunami in December 2004. My first book, is a comprehensive study of the Bible's End-Time prophecies, seen in the context of Spiritual Warfare. One of these days, I am planning a 2nd Edition.

I explained all this, not to boast, but to give you an idea of my calling and a preview of what we may be getting involved in. Anything I have achieved is only through grace, for without Him we can surely do nothing, but all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. Being 70 already, I am forced to live with a lot of focus, to complete my race. Please keep me in your prayers, and all our future joint-projects. I think we are going to have an exciting time! Anyway, life with Jesus and the Spirit is pure exhilaration!

Take care, and may the Lord bless you guys always and in all ways!

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