Sunday, 14 October 2012


In Ecc. 3:1, God talks about a SEASON for everything under the sun. Even our needs have a season! If a 5 year old asks for a full blown car, he will not be given a BMW (Maybe a dinky car to play with!). Everything you believe for should be claimed in the right season. If it is your NEED, it WILL be given to you!

And how do we claim it? By Faith of course!

Hebrews 11:1 tells us 'NOW FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for and the ASSURANCE of things not yet seen'. If Faith (in His promises) brings substance to invisible things, we can be assured of perfect peace if our mind is stayed on the Lord! (Isaiah 26:3). Those who seek the Lord will lack nothing! (Ps. 34:10).

Heb 11:3 talks of the 'worlds' made by the Word Of God. Remember Genesis? God 'spoke' things into existence. ACTIVE FAITH implies that we have to 'speak things into existence'. So keep saying it! Say what you believe as if you really have it already!

We also hear of the word GRACE several times in the Bible. Grace is the 'unmerited favour' of God working on a person's life. However, if a man believes for his neighbour to die so that he can get his wife, his prayer will not be answered since IT IS NOT COVERED UNDER GOD"S GRACE! Another good definition for Grace that I've heard is - 'God's riches and power willingly made available to us although we deserve nothing!'

So when you're believing for something through Faith, let it be in the right season and do check if it is covered under Grace :-) ... and one more thing ... KEEP SAYING IT (i.e. the thing you're believing for)!

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