Thursday, 18 October 2012


I was chatting with my Romanian-Canadian colleague over coffee this morning. The topic of our discussion was how he being an electrical engineer managed to do landscape design for a rich Arab client and excelled at doing it!

How could he do it without having any past experience about the subject?

He went to Borders and bought a few books on Landscape Architecture and selected certain images as references for plant selection.. He then went to a plant nursery and asked them to show him plants that matched those images and listed them on a drawing with numbers indicating the location of the plants in the garden. Within no time, he had come up with an excellent garden which is well appreciated by the Client and his friends. Not only has Nick earned the admiration of the Client but also won over his friendship (The Arab is so well connected that Nick could travel out of the country even though his visa had not been renewed! ... influence!)

We can talk of many other things based on the above example however, I'd like to focus on just the 'visual library' aspect! Everybody can draw fish, or a star or an apple however each sketch will differ from the other as per the 'visual' they hold in their memory bank. If i was to ask you to draw 'giligiligili' you would be confused and ask me what it was right? This is because there was no image in your mind that matched the word with 'giligiligili'!

When you read a book, you make a 'video movie' of everything you're reading (as per the 'word-image association' in your mind). This 'movie' influences your thoughts and according to the thoughts you emote and decide on an action. Repeated actions will form habits and repeated habits will give you a character which ultimately will lead you to your destiny.

Why do i write all this?
If right words create the right 'movie' in your mind, how wonderful it would be to read God's holy word and keep the 'movie' of His faithfulness and promise of salvation embedded in your heart (spirit) and mind, right?

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