Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Success in one's life is measured by the effective use of ones time. Time is the true measure of life. Better still, TIME IS THE CURRENCY OF LIFE! How one spends his/her time will determine the quality of his/her life.

The only way to effectively use your time is by establishing the correct priorities. Progress is guaranteed  when you set your priorities according to your purpose and goals. In this way, time is not abused or wasted. Failure to establish correct priorities in life causes you to waste your two most important commodities - TIME and ENERGY.

If priority is the essence of life then we must want to know what our priorities in life should be, in order to live effectively. It is no surprise to note that man is only driven by the same basic necessities of life - water, food, clothes, housing, protection, security, self preservation, significance. It is also not surprising to note that meeting human needs is the premise of all religions! Priority in religious prayers and petitions is for personal needs. Human needs drive religion! JESUS NEVER INTENDED TO BE A FOUNDER OF A RELIGION! He came to establish HIS KINGDOM here on earth!

God's priority for mankind is completely opposite to man's priorities! I learnt this through a study of Matthew 6, verses 25 to 33...

-Matthew 6:25 ... is not life more important than food and body more important than clothes?
-Matthew 6:26,27 ... who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?
-Matthew 6:31-32 ... Your heavenly father knows that you need them.
-Matthew 6:33 ... But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

God's priority for us is that we SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven ! His RIGHTEOUSNESS means HIS law/authority ... That means we have to be in RIGHT STANDING with all His commands in the Bible ... ONLY THEN CAN WE BE BLEST WITH ALL THINGS !

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