Tuesday, 22 November 2011


This evening i was on my 'brisk-walking' rounds of the Zabeel Park and i saw an interesting sight! A pretty young Filipina was seated on a grassy patch in perfect lotus position. Her face was glowing and she appeared to be in deep meditation. I usually take two rounds which take me 40 minutes to complete and she was still at it!

I was so impressed that i was inspired to write my own experiences with meditation. Before i came to Dubai, i was practicing Zen. Later i stopped believing in the existance of God and was content with the Big Bang Theory! Later i got into Yoga where i learnt to meditate. I even got initiated into Reiki (2 levels) where i had some 'x-file' experiences. I tried the Asta Vakra Geeta and the Art of Living too. The meditation sessions which i went through, gave me some wonderful insights into how the mind works.

Now i practice what i call the LOVE MEDITATION. Let me write about it to you. When i came to the New Testament (Bible) just over 3 years back, i was attracted by the type of love that Jesus preached. I studied the effect of that love on jesus' apostles and His disciples. I started reading the bible and started 'seeing a movie' in my mind. I read books, looked at pictures of the landscape and costumes of that time and it all started becoming alive to me in my meditation. I decided to put my knowledge and training of meditation to good use.

Now, when i sit for meditation, i first start by picturing Christ's suffering on the cross and remind myself of WHY He had to do what He did. I experience His sacrificial love (AGAPE LOVE) and i bring to mind all my near and dear ones, those who have hurt me in the past, those whom i have hurt, and i move my 'consciousness' outside my body to the residents in the building, then the streets, the whole neighbourhood, city, country, neighbouring countries, all the people of this world ....
The consciousness keeps spreading the love around the entire globe and then moves into space, the moon, the other planets, the other suns, the milky way, etc.etc. ... and then i bask in the glory of God!

Of course this is a long meditation that may last more than an hour. I do this only once in a while. It gives me intense inner peace and pots of patience to face the daily irritations!

The short meditation lasts for 20 minutes and can be easily done practically anywhere! Just sit quietly and bring your focus to the nose where the air first hits the nostrils. Follow the air into the lungs, feel the chest expand and follow it out of your nostrils. Keep focussing on the breath and try not to resist any thought which may come into your mind. Just nudge it away. DO NOT DWELL ON IT! This form of meditation will give you short amounts of deep rest. Think of it as being fuel for the work that you need to do for the next few hours. After all, even the Petrol tanker that carries over 60,000 litres from service station to service station, aslo needs the 150 odd litres to move the huge tanker, right?

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