Monday, 21 November 2011


Everyone on the farm knew how much the farmer loved his cow. Months and years passed and life on the farm was productive as usual. One day, the farm hands suddenly noticed that the cow had a wooden leg. Strangely, some days later, another leg was also found to have a wooden leg! Soon, all four legs had been replaced by wooden legs. One of the farmhands who was tired of guessing what may be happening, went up to the boss and asked him, “Sir, could you tell me what’s wrong with your cow?”.
The farmer just sighed, and after a long while replied, “You know, I bloody well can’t eat a special cow all at once?”
This is the story of our lives too! We may love a particular sin/habit for the joy that it brings us and parting with that sin/habit all at once may be difficult. Some of us even dare to take comfort from the fact that God loved David and Solomon even though they lived in sin. I’ve even heard some 'men of God' say (about drinks) that Jesus said that it was 'not went inside a man but rather what came out of the man’s heart that defiled a man'!
I’ve been there, done that and I’ve realized that you can give up sin only when you’ve really experienced the love of Jesus in your heart. You only have to decide to repent and the GRACE of GOD will help you shed the sin. You cannot do it on your own strength!

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