Sunday, 6 November 2011


Last night i left my mobile for charging before i went to sleep. This morning i took it off the charger only to find that it had not charged at all! When i checked, i found that the charger was in the wall socket however i'd forgotten to switch it on!

The Holy Spirit then reminded me that i was just like that! As a Christian, i'm connected to the 'source' but no power is flowing because but i'm not 'switched on' through the WORD OF GOD. Sometimes, i keep away from the reading of the Word thus cutting myself away from the 'recharging' of my 'battery of life'.

Another illustration that comes to mind is that of being served tea with sugar. You sip it and it tastes bitter. Later you discover that there WAS sugar in the tea however it was not stirred! Many a times our life is like that. We do not 'stir' the Holy Spirit in us to allow Him to bring about the sweetness in our lives that only He can do!

Today, my God has taught me quite a few lessons on being connected to Him. It is no good to have the latest iphone/mobile if you have not subscribed to the 'network provider' ! You will not be able to 'send' and 'receive' calls/sms (There will be no communication possible!). Much in the same way, if you are not a 'doer of the Word' you cannot be subscribed into the great 'JEHOVAH JIREH' (Provider God) and therefore the prayers will not reach Him and His blessings will not reach you!

I could go on and on with such illustrations ('cause i'm on the roll now :-)

The holy Spirit also brought to mind the Roman Aqueducts that i saw in Rome. Some of them were in ruins. What good is it to have an aqueduct connected to the source (The fountainhead) but the water does not reach the end users because a section of the channel has collapsed? God is the 'Fount of mercy' and 'Faith' is the channel that carries 'mercy and blessings' to God's people. If Faith collapses, there is no flow. If Faith collapses, there is no 'hope'. The only way to restore 'hope' back again is to be re-connected to His LOVE.
Being in His love will make you dream again, HOPE AGAIN!

As soon as you finish reading this message, be determined to put the switch on, stir the sugar, subscribe to the provider and repair your aqueduct!

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