Saturday, 5 November 2011


Last night, Lorine and i were at the Bob Fitts concert in Jebel ali, Dubai.
Today, i attended the Praise and Worship Workshop with Bob at the Trinity Church, Dubai.

Feedback? Yes there was lots of it !(both from the audio equipment as well as people:-). The show commenced late (gates opened past 8pm instead of 7.30 and the show began at about 8.30... apparently, the music equipment could not be installed in place until 4pm yesterday (due to a prior service in that hall and therefore, the audio engineers were struggling to keep the sound balance as good as possible).

What was amazing to note here was that although people bought tickets for the show, there was not a single murmur or complaint from any of the spectators there. Everyone had gathered to worship in one accord. It was this attitude that was seen consistently amongst all those who attended and therefore i'm sure everyone went home blest. My dear friends who were visiting from goa had this to say about the show," We travelled all the way to Bombay to hear Don Moen but it was just a great concert, but this, was not a concert but true Praise and Worship. We loved every moment of it."

During the workshop today, Cathy Fitts made an interesting statement. She putting her index finger in front of her face, she said," If you look at your index finger and focus on it, everything around it goes blurry. But if you focus on the things around you, the finger goes blurry!" Using this illustration, she went on to explain how we live our lives focussing on 'small issues of life' and miss out on all the other things (of God) on offer.

Bob continued from where Cathy left off and drove his point home. I believe the following points will bless you mightily:
-The Old Testament was about 'JUDGEMENT', the New testament is all about 'BLESSING'
-Religion is SIN CONSCIOUSNESS, christianity is 'LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS'.
-Just like how the whole universe has a specific/particular 'sound', the whole creation ou may confidently say that even the DNA of man was made to worship God. Our destiny is to worship God.
-We are the object of God's craving.
- When Jesus said 'IT IS FINISHED' on the cross, the father in heaven had accomplished ALL that HE wanted to accomplish for us ... He sacrificed His only son for our sakes. It is not how much we love God but rather how much GOD LOVES US!
-1 Cor 13:13-And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. When we get into the LOVE OF GOD, we can can dram again. Even if we are in a HOPELESS situation, we have concidence in Him because HE LOVE US. Hebrews 11:6 says that WITHOUT FAITH WE CANNOT PLEASE GOD. With FAITH we see GOD as one who can do ALL things!
-With HOPE we can dream big dreams and RESTORATION COMES! Restoration in your relationships, finances, health etc. etc.


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