Tuesday, 8 November 2011


When Abraham went up to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, he built the altar himself and cut his own wood for the sacrifice.

Often times, we see that a preacher who has laboured hard to build up his own following has made a small error in judgement and has allowed some other preacher to use his platform, whose wrong doctrine has spread confusion and has resulted in the utter ruin of the ministry built over years of hard work!

It was the second day of Bro. Johnson's preaching today and i was blest by the Word Of God preached today. It has taken bro. J over ten years to build his ministry and he is very careful about who he allows to share his platform. His preaching is simple and straight from the heart. It is full of testimonies carried from all over India and some parts of the world. Here are a few things which he firmly ingrains in everyone who attends his retreats:

- Believing will bring rest to your thinking (What is 'believe'? ... When your action corresponds to the message from the Word of God, it is 'believing')
-GOD CANNOT MAKE YOU BELIEVE! You have to SET YOUR HEART to believe the Word of god.
-Make the Word of God your counsellor. Do not depend on earthly advice!
-Become a WORD ADDICT and respond to difficult trying situations by FAITH.
-When you use your resources for furthering God's kingdom, God will give you back multiplied.
-If you do not have the WORD in your heart (memorised), you will not hear God's VOICE!
-The most dangerous time in a person's life is when his/her prayers get answered.
-God's GRACE is available to ALL in the same measure. You can only avail of Grace through FAITH

GOD BLESS YOU ALL! (For more on Bro. Johnson, visit http://www.jcilm.info/. TO order Christian books, visit: http://www.word.diaz.co.in/)

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