Friday, 28 October 2011


I visited Xavier, who i spoke about in my 'PAIN-GOOD or BAD' post, yesterday evening. He is now out of the ICU and is doing well (Thanks for your prayers!).
On the way back from the hospital, i received a call from an old colleague from Goa who insisted that i come for the Konkani play. The play ended at 2.30 am and by the time i felt into a deep slumber, it was 3 am. Lorine and i were rudely awoken at about 4 am, by loud screams from the children's bedroom. Leander was in very bad pain. He was clutching his left shoulder and was howling with pain. We rushed him to the Welcare Hospital and he was kept on pain killers under observation till 7 am in the emergency ward. Later he was shifted to the surgery ward. We were shocked to see the whole arm dislocated from the shoulder joint! Leander had a fall on the football field the day before yesterday but made light of his injuries. He told us later that he had felt a big click in the shoulder joint when he fell but it must have slipped partially back into the socket when he stood up! Leander was put under the expert care of Dr. Abhay Dandawate and was taken into the operating theatre at 11 am. All went well, and the bones were aligned again under general anaesthesia without making an incision in his arm. Lorine and i are now waiting for Leander to wake up from his well deserved 'knock-out' sleep! He will be discharged by 5 pm this afternoon.
Why did i write all of the above? Well, it is related to the earlier topic on PAIN. But today, i would like to say a few things on HEALING ... I prayed fervently for Leander's pain to go away. I believed that God had already done this miracle for him. But i still saw him suffer very badly. I did not stop praising God for the gift of this child and i waited on the Lord for his healing.
 I've always pondered on this issue of miraculous healings specially at miracle crusades conducted by 'Men Of God'. Sometimes people get caught up in the excitement, and believe that they were actually healed when they may not have been. Sometimes the effects are immediate, sometimes it takes a while for the effects to show up, sometimes it doesn't happen at all. God doesn't take it away. Faith is a very important factor, but God's will and plan may not always include healing, for whatever reason. It's not really for us to know, all will be revealed when we reach heaven. It is confusing and hard to understand, but God's plan prevails.


  1. The Word of God is always true! And John 10:10 clearly tells us that it is "the devil" who comes to "kill, steal and destroy"...and Jesus says, "But I come to give you life and life in abundance". I have praying over this topic for many days and I believe that God has given us a free will and so it is our choices that lead us to pain...or disease. (eg. A person may consume alcohol in spite of many warnings...and finally his kidney fails and he has to undergo a lot of pain... now whose fault is that? Or I neglect my health and I fall prey to a lifestyle ailment like diabetes. Whose fault is that?)
    Well I have heard arguments that God allows certain sicknesses...but that I believe is for those who have already come to the awareness of God...and at that time pain is not really pain the way we would feel it when we have not encountered Christ personally. It is just something which we are convinced will discipline us.

  2. But the Word of God says in Jeremiah 29:11 clearly tells us that God always has plans for our welfare.
    And John 10:10 says that Jesus comes to give life and LIFE IN ABUNDANCE!
    I think we cannot blame God when things go wrong with us. I remember a friend of mine who had stopped attending prayer services because she felt that God was not "doing anything for me. All my works have gone flop". I asked her only one question: Did you consult God or spoke to him about your plan (work) before putting it in action (undertaking it)? She said "NO". Then why are you blaming God now, I asked her.


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