Monday, 17 October 2011

FEAR (The Power Of Words)

Some months ago, my two sons got trapped in our building lift for about half an hour. Leander is 15 and Leroy is 13. Once before, when they were very small, we (The whole family) were all trapped in a lift for only 3 minutes (That was in Antalya,Turkey). The difference there was that my wife panicked and therefore the kids panicked and i had a hard time explaining to them that we were in a 5 star hotel and they would surely have a generator that would kick up within three minutes. And it did! (Being an architect, i had the experience on building sites where i myself was trapped in lifts a couple of times!). When ultimately the Otis guys came to the scene and opened the lift doors (The lift was stuck between floors), i could see Leander and Leroy squatting on the floor, having a hearty laugh about some joke they were sharing (Absolutely NO FEAR on their faces!). There are many things to learn from the incidents above.WORDS are SPIRITUAL containers which carry SUBSTANCES, which when spoken are released in the hearer's mind and produce the desired/undesired effect! There is an interesting link i want to share with you on WORD POWER. Please do listen to ALL 3 PARTS for it to make sense! Be blest!

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