Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Lorine and i just returned from a quick dinner at Chinaman, after Holy Hour at church. The couple at the adjacent table ordered more than they could eat (probably in the Diwali spirit!) and left half the food on the table. I couldn't help making the following observation: - The couple did not offer the food to the adjacent tables because they did not know them. - If they had offered, surely we/others would have graciously declined. - If the waiter had to offer the food to us/others after they left the restaurant, we/others would have declined too! - So the food went straight into the trashbin! ( I checked with the waiter who is a good friend) First of all it was irresponsible of the couple to have wasted the food. Secondly, they could have taken the food and given it to the car cleaners in the parking lot or their 'nathur' (building watchman). The other day someone was telling me about a 30 kg cake that was cut during a rich man's party at a 5 star hotel in Dubai. Only about 5 kilos were consumed and the remaining 25 kilos were trashed ( Due to some policy about not giving food away lest someone fell sick and the hotel got blamed for it!) How i wish there was a government law that would require good leftover food from chefing dishes to be packed and sent to Somalia, Ethiopia, Philipines, India etc to be distributed among the poor! JUST SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

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  1. Dear Jodi,
    Your article reminded of my friend Ijaz Issani, who is no more in this world. He would collect left over food from restaurants and parties in Vasco and distribute it among the needy every day of the week. He had made arrangements with a few hoteliers and they would pack leftover food from the tables and a person would collect it. The food was distributed at a PRE designated spot. He also ran a ' clothes bank' where he would collect old clothes from his friends and give it away to the needy. Even things like shoes, spectacles and bags were a part of this programme.


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