Monday, 17 October 2011


I arose early this morning (5.15 am!) to drop my son to School for his football practice. Little did i know that we would encounter dense fog ... so dense that i could not see more than eight meters ahead of me! The very road that was familiar had become totally incognisable! Leander's school is located at Nadd Al Sheba # 3, off Al Ain road in Dubai-UAE. On normal days, i hardly depended on the road signs since i'm accustomed to the route. The 'map' in my brain is composed of the odd Gaf tree here and a building there, a gas station here and an underpass there ... but today there were no markers!

Although i was looking for signs, they would suddenly appear right overhead and i would pass them by too quickly to even focus on the text! And yes, you guessed by now ... i missed the all important exit that would take me to Leander's school and i was pitiably lost! That mistake alone added half an hour to the commute and that too, i found the school after much prayer!

According to an article i found on the internet, a dense fog covering several city blocks to a depth of 30 meters is composed of less that one glass of water. That amount of water is divided into about 60 billion tiny droplets. Yet when those minute particles can almost blot out everything from your sight!

Many Christians today live their lives in a fog. They allow a cupful of troubles to cloud their vision and dampen their spirit. Anxiety, turmoil and defeat strangle their thoughts. They allow their lives to be “choked by the cares of this world” (Luke 8;14). REMEMBER? ... “God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline” (II Tim. 1:7).

Let’s not let the fog engulf us! “Let’s live in the Sunshine!"

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