Sunday, 22 January 2012


By now I must have done over a thousand caricatures and I can say with full confidence that those that come forward to get their caricatures done are people who have ‘accepted’ their looks and have no issues with how they appear! The past couple of days, I’ve been volunteering with Special Needs School (SNF) to raise funds and create awareness among the people during this DSF (Festival City Promenade). There was a man I drew who argued that I’d not drawn his nose long enough!!!
Sometimes I get people who pose for a caricature but are horrified to see the sketch at the end of the 10 minutes (If it is a B/W caricature). Some just ‘make a face’ and mumble, “This is not me!” whilst some others just tear the paper. I’ve even had the ‘ugly threat’ incident in college when a bodybuilder threatened – “ You will not be able to cross the Patto bridge this evening”. His ego was badly hurt when the girls in college poked fun at him and called him ‘pakshi’ (bird – as written on the caricature by me!). He was determined to beat me up … and Patto bridge had to be crossed by me every evening to go to the bus stand to go home!
Regarding ugliness, here are some of the questions most people ask:
1. Why doesn't the Bible talk more about the division between beauty and ugliness, since it is very important within the human world.
2. Why do ugly people desire beauty since they can never attract it, nor attain it themselves? Why not allow ugly people to find ugly people attractive? That way they wouldn't have to lower their standards and be unsatisfied with a mate they don't truly desire.
3. Whose fault is it that someone is made ugly?
4. Why would an ugly person be given a sex drive with no way to attract a mate?
5. Why would God want someone to be sexually deprived based on their appearance?
Now, now, now … I do not know the answer to these questions but I open the floor to discussions here. How about you writing back and starting this debate? Maybe we will together discover some ‘truths’!

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