Monday, 30 January 2012


I've been following the progress of a dear friend who had a stroke which left him in pretty bad shape. Many thought it was the end of him but his brave and faithful wife and kids haven't given up believing he will be totally healed one day. Since i've not taken permission from her to put the following email from her on my blog, i have carefully substituted the actual name with a fictitious one. I'm sure you will be blest by what she writes ...

Over the past several months some of you know that  we have been working with a Neuro Scientist at the  National Research Council (Country hidden) to find ways for Leo to participate and help in research efforts as well as hopefully get the help he needs to help him further. After several months of working on this effort, Leo was blessed to have the NeuroScientist visit him at the hospital he is in, to conduct testing on his brain to ascertain what level of activity, if any, Leo may be experiencing.With your continued prayers and support for Leo and our family, the  tests went well and initial reports indicate that Leo is able to understand us when we speak to him!
Over the past 19months, this was something I knew deep within with my communication with Leo, but was not able to prove to anyone – now we can be sure that this feeling that I had has been reaffirmed! So if you had visited with Leo, he heard you and understood you. And if you kept him in your prayers, he truly has been blessed by them.Please continue to pray for his good health and continued recovery.
We now need to work with him to help him in his efforts to respond and actively communicate with us. We now have a renewed sense and goal, to continue to talk to Leo and encourage and cheer him on his journey to recovery.
In the words of the Don Moen song, which i sing to Leo daily to encourage him and help him stay positive, i truly believe that "God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. HE works in ways we cannot see, HE WILL make a way for me. HE WILL be my guide, hold me closely to HIS side. With love and strength for each new day, HE WILL make a way, HE WILL make a way!"

So for those of you who feel like giving up on a seemingly hopeless situation in your lives, i say that there's still HOPE for you in Jesus Christ!
HE WILL make a way for you!

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