Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Have you ever experienced a kind of ‘dryness’ in your life? A feeling of restlessness … almost ‘gloom’ engulfing you? Have you wished for a ‘break’ to ‘get your mind off things’, ‘relax’ etc.? Do you feel ‘stressed out’?
Let me tell you that for the last three and a half years, I’ve never felt that way! Before that, I’ve taken my ‘breaks’ thinking I’d rest but I’ve come back worse off! Until I realized the POWER OF GOD’S WORD on my life, I never had ‘peace’ within myself. Only when you have the PEACE THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING can you really ‘rest’.
Many have resolved to give up bad habits in the New Year. It is now well over three weeks in the New Year and you’ve already given up on your resolve! When your CRAVING for God’s WORD increases and fills your life, the craving for all the bad things in your life will automatically drop off. An effort from your side will not be required to overcome the hurdles in your life.
I’ve also realized another ‘secret’ for myself. The more I seek to alleviate the suffering of others and pounce on every opportunity to do so; I open the valve that allows blessings to flow in my life. Being a Christian (in the true sense!) makes life ever so meaningful! For those who are still living in the ‘LAW’ (Old Testament), they live in FEAR! Those living the New Testament are the only ones who will understand the Grace of God and live in love.
A preacher once gave us this wonderful illustration to explain ‘LAW’, ‘GRACE and ‘LOVE.
LAW: A husband who insists on wife getting up at 5 am in the morning to prepare him breakfast, serve him, polish his shoes, iron his clothes, carry his bag up to the car etc. is happy with the wife as long as she obeys him. He will be annoyed with his wife if she disobeys. It could even end in a divorce.
GRACE: A husband who is able to understand his wife and how difficult it is to wake up at 5 in the morning, does not get upset in times when she is not able to perform her duties as expected. He forgives
LOVE: A husband who gets up with his wife at 5am although as per ‘society’ he can order his wife around ; Helps her prepare breakfast, shares in her work, consoles her, leaves her with a sense of self-worth - of being respected and loved.

Remember ... THERE IS NO LACK OF BLESSINGS IN GOD'S KINGDOM! (read Matt 6:25 to 33 for a better understanding of this :-)

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