Sunday, 1 January 2012


Since the time i arrived here (GOA, 23 Dec 2011), today is the first time I'm seated in front of a PC! ... explains the break from blogging huh?

Before i get yelled at by my mom from downstairs to come for dinner, let me hammer away a few words describing  some significant moments thus far!

Last night, Mutu, our resourceful driver dropped us at Antone and Greta's home just a little after 10.00 pm ( The tourist were already choking all the roads of Saligao on their way to Calangute beach!). We sat in a circle and recollected all the wonderful moments of 2011 and then thanked God for taking us right through all the rough patches victoriously! We did not have to set our watches to a countdown as the fireworks from the hundreds of hotels around Mapusa set off  a great alarm to start wishing each other a Happy New Year!
Remembering those who had left us for their heavenly abode in 2011 was tearful, yet, the fact that God had made them such an important part of our lives whilst they lived was great comfort indeed!

We had decided to cook a dish per family and Antone's 'Malabari Chichen curry' turned out to be the best. The children enjoyed themselves and even participated in the prayers. I was glad that we decided to keep away from the dances and restaurants of Goa. We had a meaningful and modest celebration.

Although much of the morning was spent sleeping, the family decided to visit Old Goa in the afternoon. We saw a few tourists being chased away by guards for posing for photographs inside the Bom Jesus Basilica!
As i looked up at St. Francis' casket, snippets from his life story filled my mind and i said a prayer to all 'men of God' who, like St. Francis, leave their luxurious homes to be on a spiritual path to win souls for the kingdom! If not for them, we would not come to the knowledge of HIM who saves!

Let us dedicate this new year in the support of all those who've taken their vocation seriously to lead others to holiness. Let us pray for them,, support them with our resources and where possible, even volunteer in such works that further the Gospel!

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