Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Have you ever tried opening a pack of chips from the smooth side with your bare hands? It is like breaking a vertically placed egg between the thumb and index finger! However, if one tears the packet on the serrated side (or pinches the egg on the horizontal side), you can easily do it!
Where do you think the enemy (whether the devil or your human enemy!) will attack you and get you down? Exactly where you’re weak! Your bad experiences of the past have put tears in your resilient covering and it is exactly at those weak spots that your enemy will put pressure on you and penetrate your defenses.
If you’ve struggled with a particular sin in the past and overcome it, that particular area of your life has already been weakened. The evil one will always try to tempt you again and again until you fall in that area again! In the natural world, ‘blackmailers’ succeed the same way. Even children use this old trick in the book on their younger brothers and sisters!
The lesson to be learnt here is of a serious nature and therefore we need to do something with the weak spots in our resilient covering. If in the natural we would strengthen the serrated side by putting a tape over the edge thereby ‘covering’ the serrated margin, the spiritual ‘tape’ that is on offer for all Christians is THE BLOOD of Christ. When one claims the BLOOD of Christ over their lives, they are protecting themselves from all attack on the weak areas of their lives. Every sin and everything that condemns you, blocks you from approaching the throne of grace, is destroyed!
It is very much like the difference in putting a pinch of salt in a glass and the same amount into a lake. One can still taste the salt in the glass but you cannot taste the salt in the lake. When you repent and throw your sin in the vast ocean of God’s love, you are made whole again. You are free from condemnation. You are a NEW CREATION!
Claim the BLOOD PROTECTION of JESUS over yourself and over your whole family. And while you do that, remember that each of us was BOUGHT by that very priceless sacrifice of Jesus’ blood on the cross.

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