Saturday, 6 April 2013

DOUBT NOT! (Cancer Defeated!)

I just got a call from my dear sister Dilu who has just returned from Sri Lanka. We had a lot of catching up to do regarding the 'Safe Home' she's planning for orphaned and abused children. During our conversation, i was telling her about my frozen shoulder pains. As she was explaining Mark 11:23 to me ("Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.), She was repeatedly telling me not to doubt even in the worst painful moments that i was healed by the blood of the Lamb!

Then the Holy Spirit reminded her of a mighty testimony ... one that made me break down in sobs after i hung up.

When i was in Sri Lanka in mid January, i was standing outside the church after Bro. Johnson's retreat. It was the last day of the retreat. My brother Antonio and i were clicking snaps of a nearby Anglican church. Suddenly i heard Sister Dilu call out to me to pray over a young Buddhist lad of about eleven. His mother was crying and his sorrowful father just stood there with his arm over the boy. I was told that the boy had blood cancer (Leukaemia). My heart broke when i heard the story. As we prayed over the boy, all that i could say was, "Lord, show them you awesomeness, power and love". Since they could only speak in Sinhalese i could only tell them with gestures to just believe and experience the GLORY of God.

Even after we returned to Dubai, the boy did come to my mind and i would say a silent prayer for him. Today, Dilu confirmed to me that the Lord had COMPLETELY HEALED him of cancer. How could it happen in just over TWO MONTHS?

Apparently, when they went home that night, the mother made a firm decision that they would take all the instructions given by Sis. Dilu to heart. The three of them decided to memorise all the scriptures given in the small white book and prayed them aloud every morning when they woke up. Soon after the prayer itself, the mother had told Dilu that the RBC count had already increased in the blood. Dilu had told them to hang on to the promises of God even if the next test showed a lesser count, telling them that the devil had to be defeated with their FAITH in the promises of God! Even when the mother would be sweeping the floor, she would remember the immutable promises made to Abraham regarding his descendants. She confessed the promises of God over her son and believed WITHOUT DOUBTING that he was ALREADY HEALED!
In mid March when the bone marrow test was performed, there were ZERO cancer cells in the boy's body!
The healing was confirmed by the doctors. Their lives are not the same anymore. The whole family is filled with the life of God!

"When we pray (Even with scriptures), DO WE REALLY BELIEVE WITHOUT DOUBTING? If not, there will be no manifestation and the faith that you build up will go back to zero", says Sis. Dilu vehemently!


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