Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I was really blest mightily when Pastor David invited me to hear the Word of God being preached by Pstr. Shaiju Mathew from Bangalore.

It is so very amazing how God chooses to speak to me and this time it was through Shaiju. It was as if every word he was uttering was specially meant for me. I was lashed, slashed,smashed as well as edified at various times during the sermon. The tears kept flowing as i recommitted my life to Jesus. I would like to share a few notes with you hoping that God will touch some hardened hearts as He did mine!

In school, when we go through our tests, we get promoted only if we pass but are detained in the same class if we fail. However when God tests us, He has an entirely different approach to failing. Sometimes when we cannot bear the test, we plead with God who, in His infinite mercy will lead you out of the test but, at a later time HE DOES TEST YOU AGAIN! He is a good God and wants us to pass the test for only when we pass can He trust us with higher things. Look at Joseph in Gen 37. His tests were very hard too but the Bible says, "THE FAVOUR OF THE LORD WAS WITH HIM". He remained in prison for two years with no hope in sight but then God made up for all the testing that Joseph had to endure, by giving him an office that made him the second most powerful man in Egypt after the Pharaoh!

Our tests come in various forms. Beginning at home -
Are you offended easily and lose your temper?
Are you loving unconditionally?
Are you cursing God for the pain you're going through?

God is interested in building up a strong character in you. He wants to have a relationship with you. When you have a relationship with God, when you love God, you will have access to his blessings and favour will follow you wherever you go. Even demons will begin to flee from your authority!

When someone removes your wallet, you will chase after him, beat him up and hand him over to the police. Do you do the same with your wife even if she takes the money from your wallet when she needs it? Why not? It is because of the relationship you have with your wife! Much in the same way, once you love God and pursue Him, you will find favour with Him!.

Many ask for anointing and start their own ministries.They may even know the 'Word' but soon the ministry finds itself in trouble! God wants you not to know just His Word, but keep 'Hearing the Word' - If we cannot hear the 'voice' of God speaking t o us through His Word, then we're merely 'reading'! FAITH COMES BY HEARING AND HEARING (BY) THE WORD OF GOD.

Most people want to attend healing crusades and prayer meetings with a hope that the Man of God will lay hands on them and say a healing prayer. God may choose to heal them however, the test may return. When you are afflicted with any kind of pain (physical or mental), look away from the pain and look towards Jesus. Pursue God and He will take you right through the problem! KNOW that even during his time on earth, people who had him with them experienced lack. Read about the wedding feast at Cana, read Jn. 11: 33 onwards... Lazarus died! But did Jesus make a difference even in those situations? Similarly, if any of you are going through a period of testing right now, know that the testing will last only for a 'season'.

It will surely pass when you PASS THE TEST!

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