Tuesday, 23 April 2013


On the way back from dropping my son to school, my brother Antonio and i were reminiscing about our childhood days at our Grandma's place in Margao. In those days, we attended the 6.15am mass at the Carmelite Monastery, a stone's throw away from our house. Our topic of discussion ended with the memory of an interesting sermon by Fr. Silva.

Fr. Antonio Silva was a well known preacher at that time and parishes from all over Goa would book him for the 'vesperas' (10 days before any feast). He was very close to our family and to specially to me personally (explains why i still have his pic in my wallet :-). After one such sermon appointment, Fr. Silva was returning on his Luna (moped) to the Monastery and to his utter horror was struck from behind by a speeding car and was lying in an open gutter, heavily bruised and bleeding ... and, with a broken hand.

He saw a known person pass him by in a hurry, who he thought he knew! ('Maybe he did not see me' - was all Fr. Silva could think of at that moment). Fr. Silva was taken to hospital and was treated for his wounds and broken hand. Many days later, he met the same man who had passed him by on the road when he most needed help. Just to be sure it was indeed the same person, Father asked him about the incident.

The man gave him the following answer which became the topic of his next sermon!

"Father, i did see you fallen in the ditch but i did not stop BECAUSE I WAS GETTING LATE FOR MASS"

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