Thursday, 14 March 2013

Habemus 'Black Pope'?

Last night i was watching the action on CNN TV. As the new Pope was declared and the announcers told us that he was a Jesuit, i was very excited. I am a 'pukka' Jesuit product having completed my higher secondary education in Loyola High School in Margao, Goa - India.

Back in those days, we had a school counsellor and for the better part of my stay in Loyola's, we were blest to have Fr. R. Kiess as our counsellor. For those who got to know him closely, he would have many interesting stories to tell. He also had a circulating library of Christian story books which he operated single handedly. I still remember the day when he told us about the Jesuits and the powerful voice they had at the Vatican. Many of the reforms in the church apparently came about because of great visionaries and missionaries such as St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Francis Xavier. That was when i was told about the 'Black Pope'. In the priestly circles, it is well known that the general of the Jesuit Order used to be referred to as the 'Black Pope' ! ( I don't know if this applies to our day ... or was it for a certain period in the history of the church?). It was more to do with this 'Black Pope' giving much grief to the 'White Pope' (The proper one :-), in terms of pushing for reforms in the Catholic Church !).

When i heard that a Jesuit had been elected the new Pope, i had this amusing thought in my mind of the 'Black Pope' at last getting his 'direct say' from Peter's chair without having to shout from the opposition!

God bless him mightily ... he has a huge task ahead of him!

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