Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Despite mixed reactions from family about me doing SSY (Siddha Samadhi Yoga), Lorine and i went ahead and completed a 10 day course which ended yesterday. And what a great course it was!

We started out feeling irritated and inconvenienced sitting on the floor in the oh-so-painful 'Vazr asan' pose on the first day and ended up feeling totally energised and feeling great about what the 'process' did for all the 21 particpants of the course. Everyone came in as strangers but left as a family!

In our Christian zeal, most times we end up sidelining age-old systems of meditation and healthy eating practices of the ancient Hindus as being 'paganistic' and 'non-biblical'. The sad thing is that those that criticise are ones who have never really experienced the great benefits of Yoga and meditation. If a Christian was more open to learn and prcatice Yoga and meditation, surely, his worship would achieve a higher state.
When we get dirty, we take a bath and come out clean but what about all the dirt that is staining our minds? Do we ever bother to take a 'mind bath'?

I would highly recommend SSY/Art Of Living to anyone who wants to align his mind with his body. This way you will stop wondering if you actually locked your front door or your car (and coming back to check if you have! :-)

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