Thursday, 10 May 2012


Consider these three cases:

Person 'x' is being pushed by Person 'y'
Person 'x' pushes Person 'y' back.
Both are spending energy but do not go anywhere.

Person 'x' allows Person 'y' to push him.
Person 'x' now moves backwards (wherever Person 'y' pushes, he has to go!)

Person 'x' immediately turns around and allows Person 'y' to push
This time, Person 'x' chooses to go whichever direction he wants to go, whilst Person 'y' keeps pushing!

If Person 'x' is you, and Person 'y' is your PROBLEM
Which category are you in?

If you are in the first category, it means that you are resisting to ACCEPT the Problem.
In the second, you have accepted but not fully and so the Problem has begun to push you where it wants to take you.
In the third, you have ACCEPTED the EXISTENCE of the Problem FULLY and you now you are in a state of ' NON-DOING'. It is only in this state that you will find CREATIVE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR PROBLEM!

Ask the LORD to give you the GRACE to accept your PROBLEM however great it may appear to be. THe Holy Spirit will then fill you with CREATIVE solutions which will get you right out of them!

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