Thursday, 19 September 2013


I was sitting in the lobby of my building and chatting with Errol when the man whose wife had taken seriously ill a couple of  nights ago walked towards the lift. I immediately got up and hastened to the man to ask how his wife was doing now. I introduced myself to him and then Errol. He then started talking to us about his wife's precarious condition and we listened silently. After he had finished talking, i told him about my experiences with biblical faith and the hundreds of miracles that I'd seen over the last five and a half years of being a believer.All i wanted to do was to introduce to him a 'special person' in my life JESUS! My intention was not to 'convert' him but to introduce to him someone who did not come to earth to start another 'religion' but to teach us how to 'reach the Father' through a relationship with Him. I also wanted to tell him that Jesus STILL HEALS!

He stopped me in mid sentence and opened his shirt to show me his 'holy thread' indicating that he was a Brahman. He said he was 34 years old and for the last twenty years he has been a scholar in the Vedas. I asked him if he knew 'Prajapathi' from the Rigvedas ( Jesus' coming foretold in the Vedas), and he said he did not! He said he had already chosen a 'path' and that he would never deviate from it no matter what happened. He said he knew all about Christianity (But he admitted he had not read the Bible!). Apparently, he has a couple of Brahman friends who had recently found Christ and had left their 'ancestral path'. I at once understood where the 'offence' was coming from. I also understood what a stumbling block 'organised religion' has become to understanding the 'Kingdom Principles' that Christ introduced.

CHRISTIANITY IS ALL ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THROUGH JESUS. I believe one can have this relationship with Jesus even if he subscribes to another religion. It is all about understanding the CENTRAL MESSAGE of the Bible and that is LOVE ..... AGAPE (Sacrificial) LOVE!

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