Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I heard a great message from Bro. Johnson today. It was his last day of preaching for this month and i was blest with the encouragement he gave us on the Word of God. I had to record it on my blog so that both you and i would be able to return to it! 

"A WONDERING MIND IS A DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND," he claimed! "We must tame our minds in order to receive God's blessings.Our minds must be tamed with the Word of God and not just on 'positive thinking'!" He continued. 

"Our state of mind will determine our future and therefore our attention should be given to the Word of God."

What is taming the mind?

It means that we have to be constantly 'thought-checking' -  vigilant of what we are thinking about!

Since our mind is that part of the soul in which our FAITH is established, Satan constantly attacks our minds with vile suggestions.

We must tame the mind by bringing it into submission to God's Word. Spiritual battles are fought in the mind and the victory depends on our thinking!

Don't be a fatted lion from a zoo but rather be like the ferocious lion from the wild!

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