Thursday, 27 June 2013


I wake up every morning praising God that he has given me yet another day with my family, friends and with this world! I thank him that I'm still breathing, that I'm feeling healthy and strong. I read His Word and i get to know Him even more. I love to be in His presence.  I prophecy on the day ahead of me and then set out to do all the tasks that i could not complete the previous day (Maybe even start a few new ones!). I remind myself that my joy is IN CHRIST and NOT IN MY PERFORMANCE!

I do not have TO DO but just TO BE (like Him!).

When did i start thinking and behaving like that? Just 5 years ago when i asked the Holy Spirit to help me understand the Bible and i started reading it for the very first time in my life! (Before that, it sat on a shelf below an altar full of statues gathering dust!)

In Pastor D's own words:

"Christianity is very simple really. You don't need to study pages and pages of convoluted theology which attempt to convince one that black is really white, (or that 'substance' is not really 'substance' ....hmmmm....trans substantiation). The Lord's disciples were not quantum physicists, they were poorly educated fishermen, farmers, carpenters and even the most hated occupation of all, a tax collector. But they understood the main truth of Christianity: that it is a direct relationship between God and man. This relationship is only possible when the life of God which Adam lost, comes back into us through the Holy Spirit.Through the Holy Spirit we have fellowship ("Koinonia" = "oneness") with God, and He alone leads us into all truth". 

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