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Bro.H's Testimony

TESTIMONY WRITTEN TO BRO. JOHNSON SEQUEIRA from Bro. H from SRI LANKA (I have his permission to share it)

I am writing my testimony to you what is my journey with my lover, saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.
I was living a sinful life from a young age of 14. I found a part time job only so that i did not have to ask money from my dad - so that I could do whatever I wanted to do. I was getting lot of money from that job. At the same time I was schooling. I was a heavy drinker and smoker from that age. I was also a male prostitute and black mailed people by threatening them whenever I needed money. I used to come home by 3 a.m. everyday after drinking with my friends. Bu my life was a living “hell”!

Time went by with the same life style. I finished my schooling, found a job and worked until age 20. Things were moving smoothly in my sinful life. When i was just about to step on to the age of 21 things started to change. I have lost everything; even my job. I was “done” / fed up with everything. At that time I’ve started to go to the church on Sunday. Then one Sunday 'brother Milan' saw me outside church and called me to the front. It so happened he was talking about Jesus and God and i was also kind of interested as i had no other option than believe in God. That day only i came to know who my real "saviour" was!

Thereafter, we used to meet and talk about the Bible and Jesus. And after couple of days i told him “i have nothing to do now”, what should i do rather then waste my time? Brother Milan said so “read the Bible” , then i started to read the Bible and in the beginning it was so boring, difficult and for about a week i found my self falling asleep on the bible. After that first week it became so interesting to read the Bible, i was more and more interested in the Bible. On my 21st B`day my brother Milan and i had only two coffees from a pastry shop as the only celebration of my B`day. And we said by faith surely next year we will celebrate it better. And it actually happened as per our prophesy!
After 6 months i got a job at Airtel , worked there for three or four months. I was terminated from that job due to non-performance. After that back at home again. After couple of days i have started a business which was not legal neither illegal. In the mean time we came to know from a girl friend of one of Milan`s friend about brother Johnson and we attend to the service. I got the sower and the seed CD from there. I was doing the business and i was at home in the day time so i had the chance to study the CD the day time. I used to drop my fiance to office in the morning , come back home study the bible. Months went by and business was also so good , all the time profitable and I didn’t do any savings. In one point my heart was not right with the business i was doing and i stopped the business with in a one day. Now only I can realise it was the Holy Spirit who was talking to me. By this time i was totally out of addictions of alcohol and smoking.

Back at home again and i was asking Jesus what i must to , some how when i was listening to the CD i have heard you were saying be a blessing to someone so i have decided to be blessing to someone who needs help rather than wasting my time and I had lot of free time even after I study the CD. And one of my brother’s mother had a small accident while coming to the prayer meeting , her hand was cracked and doctor put a plaster. And she can’t work for three months so Jesus showed me a chance to help them. I went to their house , helped his mother to cook and for the house work. Everyday i would wake up @ 4 a.m. start with reading the Bible and praising God. Day time i help that brother’s business. That time was so difficult but praise God His word gave me strength and courage to be a doer of the word of the God and continue in the work.
At the same time i had a girl friend too. After about one month my affair was broke up with my girl friend after 6 years affair. It was painful thing for me but praise be to God , He bought me out of that situation and he kept the same brother whom I was helping strengthening me by the word of God.

Three months i was at brother’s place i really praise and thank Jesus because He gave me strength to bear all things and overcome the situations.

And i was applying for new jobs after i returned from brother’s house. And his mother was also totally recovered. I was called for an interview by HSBC bank. The day before the interview day I was suppose to go , i heard about the lady who was in the hospital and overcame the sickness by after you preaching Habakkuk 3:17-18. Went for the interview and i was failed from the first round as there suppose to be three rounds before the final interview. As i walked out the bank Habakkuk 3:17-18 came to my mind and i was confessing that , however after little time i was out of that mind set and rejoicing in the Lord Jesus.

The next day after the interview the same brother was invited by another brother for a movie and i was also invited by them. And i was sharing with them what was my experience of the interview, how I overcame from that and after the movie one brother invited me to join with him and we have started working together from that day onwards. Then another new journey began with Jesus Christ.

And a one fine day i met my ex-girl friend in the bus. And i was out of self-control tried to speak to her and it turned into a cold war. The same day evening her present boy friend came search of me to my place, i ran to hid myself and i was saved. Then what i thought, if fear can make me run so much and drive me , how much more faith can do. Anyway after that i was keep on confessing “ I love them in the name of Jesus” and I was out of that hatred , bitterness. Now even if I see them or if they come to my mind I bless them all the time and I am at peace all the time. And they are married now.

After I joined with that brother we were going through lot of things but praise be to Jesus and His word we are here today brother. I always believe in john 12:24 and today God put the “seal” some of the things. Praise be to Jesus there were never a day i lack anything brother and there will never be a day also. Clients are making the payments in advance. Even the apartment business we are into, all the apartments we've got even without paying a cent , people come from abroad and buy the apartments , they have given the apartments for us to manage. We always wanted to buy the apartments for this business but God directed people to buy those and they have given them us to manage, even without paying a cent to keep the apartments with us, where as other companies are struggling , fighting to get the same apartments and they are even willing to pay money for those. But for us all are Free. Praise Jesus.

• And this time when you preach about worship God saved me from a trap of the devil. I was struggling to make decision about my life as i was cheated by very closest person of mine. But i have realised i must love that person unconditionally and help him to come out of the situation. Even though he has done a very wrong thing. My good Friday was 10/2/13 but today is my Easter Sunday. I know one thing brother the topic of "die to self" has changed my life and it’s the secret of my success in business, in this journey with Jesus Christ but i am not able to do any by my strength but by His grace only.

Bro this is my life's testimony

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