Sunday, 3 February 2013


I choked with emotion on a story of Mother Theresa today!

Mother Theresa sent two young nuns to invite a Hindu leper to the leper's home that the Missionaries of Charity were running. When the two nuns appeared at the door of the filthy hovel of the leper, they were greeted with a barrage of bad words. They took all the bad words with a smile and kept coaxing the leper to accompany them to the Leper's Home. The leper kept on abusing them. They both returned to the convent to report the incident to Mother Theresa.

The next day, Mother Theresa went to the leper herself. She too received the same treatment! Mother Theresa took all the abuse with a smile and stood her ground. The leper then hurled an empty metal cup which struck her face. But Mother Theresa kept standing there with a smile! When the leper had exhausted himself of bad words, she stepped into his hut and began to clean the place. She then cleaned a kerosene lamp and lit it while the leper kept watching. Before she left the hut, she asked the leper to light it daily. 

"To whom should i light it?' He asked (Lepers resent God and man for abandoning them! They feel a deep rejection and 'no love')" Light it for me", said Mother Theresa.

A few days later, the leper found his way to the Leper's Home with the same lamp. He not only lit the lamp every day for Mother Theresa but he also committed his life to Jesus! He ultimately died in Mother Theresa's lap.

The Bible gives many examples of God's 'ALL INCLUSIVE' love for His people. The Lord heals a Commander of the Syrian army (Naaman) of leprosy through Elisha the prophet. It doesn't matter to God that Naaman is not a Jew but a pagan

Prophet Elijah too is sent to the widow at Zarephath (outside Israel) who brings her dead son back to life. It did not matter that she was not a Jew but a pagan.

Have you ever considered how gracious our God is? He knew that the Jews would have hard hearts toward the message of the Lord.  Jesus offers redemption not only to the Jewish people but to us as well.  I praise God that because of His grace we can be included in His plan!!

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