Wednesday, 19 September 2012

When Would You Want To Die?

"Dada, when would you want to die?" was the question my 16 year old son, Leander asked me this morning at 5.30 am, during our 30 minute drive to his football training grounds.

At first the question jolted me but then i asked the Holy Spirit to help me with the answer to the question. I asked Leander to explain what made him ask the question. It was this book he was reading about a devoted son who did not want his father to die and being a doctor himself, extended the old man's life with proper medical care an diet. But the old man was tired of living this kind of life where his son imposed a strict diet and everything he did was watched closely. He wanted to die but the son just would not let him!

I responded saying that i would like to go when the Lord had completed his perfect work through me. I told him that i was committed to live by the Word of God till the end of my days on earth and that as long as i set myself apart for the Lord, i would be living a victorious life on earth.

"What if you were getting old and i took away all your Bibles (i.e.Various translations) and other Bible resources from you?", was his next question.

I responded saying that the Bible (as a collection of books) itself meant nothing to me however the same Word of God 'in my heart' would give me a victorious life. A flashback of the spiderweb-covered Bible kept on a shelf below the altar in my Grandmothers house in Goa, brought a smile to my face as i said that.

Of course i cannot transcribe all that was discussed in the car this morning however, i was pleased to hear this from Leander -
" I like what you said and i pity the Atheists as they live a very empty life! I would rather believe there was an almighty God who loves us too much to loose our souls to the evil one!"

Just before Leander reached the School sports field, i left him with this illustration:

A cat carries her young ones by the neck and this is the way she keeps her kittens out of danger.
The young one of a monkey has to hold onto the mother tightly whilst she hops from tree to tree.
The young one of a Kangaroo remains inside the pouch and is safe as long as he remains inside.

"Which category do you fall under?"
He replied, "The young one of the Kangaroo!"

I was very pleased with the God-given wisdom in the answer!
(God has given us a FREE WILL and as long as we choose to remain in the pouch, we will be secure. In every situation of our lives, HIS GRACE WILL BE SUFFICIENT to carry us through!)

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