Monday, 17 September 2012


Do any of you remember the days when you were young when you accompanied your family on a 9 to 10 hour bus/car journey instead of taking an expensive flight?

It is what you saw and heard 'along the way' that made the trip memorable. If you were in a bus, you would look out at all the animation that would take place outside ... the planters in the field, oxen ploughing, the rich scent of wood smoke, the rat-a-tat-tat of the woodpecker perched high up on a coconut tree trunk, the shrill cry of a kingfisher etc. etc. If you were in a car, there would be the excited chatter and singing of a family going towards their dream destination. It was not so much the destination but what happened 'along the way' that added to the 'dream'. Nowadays, we take a quick flight of 45 minutes to cover the 10 hours of travelling.

Much in the same way, when the two disciples met Jesus on the road to Emaus, it was what happened 'along the way' that made their heart burn when Jesus explained the scriptures to them!

If you look back over the number of years you've lived, you will see that the many events that occurred 'along the way' that have actually shaped you! God's faithfulness in delivering you out of your pit when you've simply stayed focused on His promises in His Word suddenly breaks out like a cloudburst!

If you're going through a rough patch right now, prophecy over your situation and wrap up your 'believing' with a scriptural promise. Then sit still and let God work on your situation. He will teach you many things 'along the way' if you will endure the journey with patience and a willingness to listen!

Sometimes there just aren't any flights that will give you the short cut!

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