Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Brother Johnson is in town and his 'adventures of faith' have been in full swing over these past three days! He started preaching on the topic 'OUR GOD IS A GOD OF HOPE' and continued it over the three days with lots of breaks for 'live demonstrations' of how faith works through the Word of God, which in John 1:1 (onwards) we learn is Christ himself - 'The Word made flesh'.

Many were healed of their illnesses as per the measure of Bro. J's faith and the sufferer's response to the Word that was preached. My most beautiful moment came when in the middle of a prayer, my phone alerted me to an incoming message. Usually i put the phone off during prayer meetings but it was left on for a specific reason - God wanted to gift me with an 'answered prayer' - ' Mary had been discharged from hospital!'

You must be wondering who Mary is right?
Well it began with a call from Pakistan on the 5th of Mar 2012, pleading for Bro. Johnson's number and prayers for her sister who was involved in a serious accident in which she was badly hurt and rendered unconscious. She was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. I immediately sent a text message to Bro.J asking him to keep Mary in prayers.

A distraught relative (of Mary) from Abu Dhabi also called me and kept reporting Mary's progress through sms. I prayed and believed in Mary's complete recovery. Each passing day i was getting messages like, 'Mary has opened her eyes. She is responding to our voices', " She has started taking in some foods', 'She has started moving her limbs' etc. Deep down in my heart i knew that God had a purpose in saving Mary and my job was to interpret the Holy Spirit's prompting and send 'life giving scriptures' and 'instructions' through sms.

When i received today's message, i was overjoyed that the message that was being preached (Our God is a God of Hope), had indeed proved true!


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