Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Somebody has said, ‘If you get into God’s dream, God gets into your dream’.
Often times, we blame the devil for not being able to achieve our dreams but Satan IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Jesus identifies the ‘flesh’ (Earthly thinking, carnal mindedness) as being the obstacle to achieving our dreams! It is in fact our Worldly, sinful mindsets that do not allow our dreams to turn into reality!
In Col 2:13-15, St. Paul points out that it is not God’s design for us to conquer Satan but your ‘flesh’. A Christian should never forget that he/she is more than a conqueror in Christ!
Earlier this month, I heard Bro. Johnson preaching the Word.  HE gave us the following example: Imagine a boxer who gets a heavy beating from his opponent … round after round … It is now the last round and in that round, the boxer gets one hard punch into the face of his opponent and knocks him out for the count! He comes home and hands over the trophy and the cash to his wife. His wife is shocked to see his bleeding face but the joy of winning, the trophy and the cash soon outweighs the pain and the bruises!
In the Christian context, Jesus has fought this war with Satan and has reduced him to a powerless creep! He can no longer harm us except for troubling us with tempting thoughts that can lead us to sin and hell! Therefore, if one goes to hell it is not for his/her sin but for UNBELIEF!
All that is required of us is to say, “LORD I NEED A SAVIOUR” and TURN TO JESUS. The moment he/she does that, you are on the way to be truly ‘BORN AGAIN’. You can then share in His victory and glory.
Come on brothers and sisters, it is time to CHANGE your MESS into a MESSAGE, your SCARS into STARS. Christians have been given the MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION (2 Cor 5:18). GO and give others the GOOD NEWS!

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