Sunday, 4 December 2011


It all began a couple of months ago when i visited the VOICE INTERNATIONAL office in Deira, Dubai to collect tickets for the Bob Fitts concert. I happened to mention to Rana, the office boy that i was a Caricature artist and i would like to hold a workshop for children over there. I also happened to mention that i played flute and sax.

After the amazing workshop with Bob Fitts after his show, i dedicated all my instruments to the Lord in a prayer and i decided to go 'full gospel' on the music scene! But then i forgot all about it for some time until, i received a call from VOICE on around the 22nd of last month, inviting me to join their gospel band to play for the BLESS THE NATION SHOW.

At that time, i almost blurted out that i'd given my name for the Caricature Workshop and that i'd not played the sax for a very long time ... but then i hesitated ... posed myself the question,"Is it you Lord?"  and obliged.

We practiced just twice before the 'grand meeting of churches' at the Sh. Rashid auditorium and strangely, i observed that i was able to play both instruments pretty well. I thanked the Holy Spirit and acknowledged his presence. It did not end there! On the day i was to appear on stage, i get a call from VOICE in the morning telling me that i would have to play with the maestro Benny Prasad himself! There was a strong urge in me to say no cause i definitely was not worthy to play with him of all people! Again, the Holy Spirit reminded me that in my weakness, He would definitely step in! I hesitatingly said yes.

Four hours before the meeting, i went up on stage and looked towards the 1500 seats in front of me and i felt the butterflies in the stomach. I said a simple prayer and prophesied over the evening. Benny and i practiced about three times and each time he pointed out that i was playing too many false notes. I asked Benny if he really wanted me to play, expecting him to graciously say no. to my surprise he said, " God will step in and all will be well". Those words blessed me oh so much! I was convinced that God was showing me his faithfulness. I was reminded of the scripture 2 cor 12:10 -"That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong".

When i ultimately went up on stage that night, i had no stage fright, no apprehension about my playing and most of all, when i accompanied Benny on the flute, i just felt that i was just blowing air into the embouchure and moving my fingers on the keys when really it was the Holy Spirit that was doing the playing.

After the show, many came up to me and said that they were blest! My band buddies too said that i was 'somewhere up there' when i was playing :-) ... GOD BE GLORIFIED!

(Part two of my testimony will be posted tomorrow)

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