Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Jane last evening. Jane has been very active with the Pota Ministries and also conducts many spiritual sessions in Dubai. She was talking excitedly about the ‘Bless the Nation’ gathering which took place in Dubai on the eve of the UAE’s 40th Anniversary.
She went on to say that the Lord had great plans for me and that He would use me mightily. She was particularly appreciative of the fact that I played  the flute ‘flawlessly’, ‘held the flute with grace’, ‘dressed well, not like the other performers’, ‘appeared calm and composed’, ‘held the notes up to the last note’ …. These are just some of extracts from her conversation with me.
When I told my wife about the call, she just laughed it off saying, “she was only ‘flattering’ you”.
I’m sure, even my other friends would have brushed it off with a ‘Jane has a ‘crush’ on you.’
Why am I writing all this?
It is human to latch on to the ‘frivolous’ interpretations of someone’s talk. It is all too easy to poke fun and throw away the ‘deeper understanding’ that one can glean from all this. Don’t you see the other ‘dimension’ to all that Jane said? Let us analyze this!
First of all, Jane was just one of the thousands who participated in the prayer meeting but what she expressed exposed another ‘dimension’ which I’d like to call the ‘spiritual dimension’. If Jane could notice so many things that may appear to be ‘insignificant’, what kind of ‘statements’ could we be making every day of our lives at home, office and church?
Have you sometimes wondered why some people just don’t like you or talk to you?
Have you even asked yourself, -‘But I’ve never once said anything against that person but he/she still does not like me’? It is time that you make an examination of all the ‘unsaid’ things that may be causing this ‘reaction’ from people. It could be your body language or the way you annoy people with your mannerisms/etiquette, personal hygiene, dress sense etc. etc.
And how would God look at us? After all, no place is hidden from Him!
Hebrew 4:12 says, “For the aword of God is bquick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged csword, dpiercing even to the dividing asunder eof soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a fdiscerner of the gthoughts and hintents of the heart.”
Has it ever happened to you that when some preachers preach, the words ‘burn’ within you? Whilst when some others preach, you just switch off (yawn maybe?). Even a few words form one who is deeply ‘connected’ to God can put your soul to rest and you just know that God’s ‘anointing’ is on him.
Let us therefore be more conscious of all the ‘unsaid things’ (through speech) and put some focus on the ‘the things we say’ (through our body language, mannerisms etc.).
After all, God only LOOKS AT OUR HEARTS!

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