Saturday, 24 December 2016


Each year, on the 15th of December, Grace Youth Carolers Margao (Goa), would hit the streets every evening with lanterns, guitars and song sheets. The youth looked forward to the caroling for several reasons - The mood was special, girls and boys professed their love for each other, many households would offer free drinks and eats and the best reason of all ... the collection over the 9 days of singing would be spent on a grand picnic (Of course some of it would go towards charity!)

Sometimes, my brothers and i would be part of the school choir to compete with other school groups all over the State. Many of us met our soul mates during this romantic time. Some of us even made it to marriage!

Today, even as i call myself a 'bible following' Christian, the season still brings over me that wonderful mood each year and i feel pretty nostalgic. I miss my mom and extended family in Goa terribly over Christmas and it's been several years since i've spent Christmas with them. This year, my brothers and their families are in Goa and i was not able to go due to reasons beyond my control. As i sat and mulled over all those beautiful moments i spent with loved ones in Goa, i was saddened over that one memory of my Melbourne trip that keeps coming to mind and that is of the dishevelled hippie who stood in the middle of a busy pavement holding a placard that said - REMEMBER CHRIST IN CHRISTmas!

Whilst we make merry, get drunk, go for dances, romance and party let us remember the real reason for the season - Christ!

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