Friday, 23 August 2013


It is a few days since i returned from my European trip and spiritually, the trip has been a great blessing to me!

When i decided to register our new firm DIASQUARE - Architects and Interior Design Consultants, i was mentally prepared not to have a vacation this year as i knew it would be a great stretch on my finances. But then God had a different plan for me! (After all His ways are not my ways huh?). Leroy won the 'Art Solidaire' painting competition and was given free tickets and an all expenses paid 2 weeks in Cap D'Ail (Monaco)! Of course he would not travel alone since he had never traveled unaccompanied and so, Lorine pushed me to accompany him.

Whilst i had no choice but to go, i promised the Lord that i would open the brand new 'Thomson Chain Reference Bible' and dedicate some time to study God's word whilst on the trip and to minister to anyone who the Lord lead me to. Staying alone in a foreign land with my 'un peu French' was not very easy but the Lord's hand was felt everywhere. His great provision was experienced in my finances, health as well as great company that came to me in miraculous ways!

I cried out to the Lord when Leroy began to feel homesick the very first day and ran a fever. By the next day, he felt so much at home that for the whole week he never felt the need to bother me with his text messages, telling me to get him out of the CMEF (Centre Mediterranean D' etude Francaise).

I cried out to the Lord in loneliness and miraculously He sent me great company in the form of my Norwegian friend, John, who had  rented a Mini Cooper. We drove together along the scenic route and even explored the medieval village of Eze together. We chatted at length about the Bible and was astonished to learn at the end of the trip that his father was a Pastor in Norway!

I cried out to the Lord when i overshot my hotel budget and He led me to another Hotel (Hotel Miramar) that not only had huge rooms and A/C, but was given to me for almost half the price of Hotel Normandy! (And to think that all along, it was just next to it!).

I cried out to the Lord for affordable entertainment and he led me to the 3 day FREE Jazz Festival that was taking place just down the hill from where i lived.

I cried out to the Lord when my back pack with our passports and money remained on a public bus and i was able to catch up with the bus since there was a long line of tourists who delayed the driver as he sold each one a ticket! If i had not retrieved the bag, by the time the police would trace the bus, we would have missed our EasyJet connection that day and lost a lot of money and time! (There is no refund for no-shows! + we would have had to book a hotel for the night )

I cried out to the Lord that i just could not afford to extend my stay in France (Leroy refused to complete the second week in CMEF since his room mates had finished their course and were leaving) and He made it possible for me to take Leroy to Switzerland with me. What a great decision it turned out to be since he was exposed to a great number of art museums and various cultures across the border (Germany and France once again!). Not just that, but we could fly direct to Dubai from Zurich in business class on Emirates Airlines. As booked earliert, we would have had to go back to Nice on Easy jet, stay one night and travel on Air France (Which also meant getting onto another plane in Paris for Dubai!). We not only saved the frustration of travelling in so many planes but also saved our time and money! ( Lorine works for Emirates and managed to get us free tickets!)

So you see how God worked in wondrous ways in our lives?

Proverbs 3: 5,6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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